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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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processed and we've learned there was a shooting involved in all of this. let's get straight to molette green. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of new details that i just learned here at the scene. we've learned that one officer was injured, taken to a hospital and also the suspect, a man we've learned who was about 30 years old is also at the hospital. montgomery county police just confirmed to me saying take both the officer and suspect injuries are not very serious. here's what i also found out about what happened here. a forensics team is still on the scene. we've learned that there is some damage to a house in a cul de sac here on grant chester place just off valley farm drive. that happened after the officer attempted to pull over a dui suspect in his car. now, the driver pulled into the driveway here on this street and then backed out, there were lots of other officers here at that time. and when the driver tried to back out, police tell me the
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driver struck an officer on the scene with his vehicle. and what happened next is one of the officers on the creep firsc his weapon striking the map's car, but the driver was not hit by the round of gunfire. police later caught up with the driver who crashed at victory farm about five minutes away from this scene. but again, there were shots fired. a round of gun fire from police when the suspect, the dui suspect, attempted to drive away from this attempted stop. he struck an officer. the officer and suspect in the hospital. their injuries not considered very serious this morning. that is the latest live from gaithersburg. we'll turn it over to first 4 traffic for the latest. thank you. so right now 295 north at malcolm x, still have that problem on the ramp and we're
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seeing slowdowns headed northbound there on 295. indian head highway, north at berry road, have that accident. we are seeing slowdowns here as well. 70 east before 270, still have that problem as well. 270 slow all the way down to hyatts town. taking a look at the beltway, no problems inner loop or outer loop. outside this morning, we are watching out for some thick fog to form over the next little while. already relatively thick fog in the shenandoah valley. not much trouble here in prince george's county. martinsburg under a mile now. winchester, a quarter mile. l luray, a mile and a half. going out if an early morning dog walk, it's a little chilly. we'll be up into the upper 40s to near 50 by noon and highs today mid to upper 50s. should stay dry across most of the area today, maybe a sprinkle in southern maryland.
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we'll detail more of the rain chances coming up at 6:21 with a complete check of your weekend forecast. back to the news. developing this morning, some catholic university students say they don't feel safe enough to attend class today. this after d.c. police responded to two shelter in placed ones in the last 24 hours. this facebook page popped up last night. investigators responded to a report of a possible gunman on campus around 8:00 p.m. that was not true. d.c. police did question a suspicious person. investigators tell us this is not the same person who prompted the first campus lockdown early tuesday. classes are scheduled to resume at 11:00 this morning. today the defense takes over in the trial of baltimore police officer william porter. porter faces manslaughter charges in the death of freddie gray. he died while in police custody back in april sparking violent protests in the city. porter is expected to take the stand. prosecutors wrapped up their case yesterday by saying porter had a responsibility to put a seat belt around gray in the
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police van. the jury is expected to be given the case next week. donald trump facing widespread criticism from his opponents and members of his own party. the republican presidential candidate is calling for a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. trump is not backing away from his comments. philadelphia's mayor compared him to hitler. top security officials say trump's comments are unconstitutional. people traveling to the united states could soon face tighter restrictions. congress passed a bill yesterday that changes the visa waiver program. that ram allows people from 38 cubs countries to travel to the u.s. without obtaining a visa. under the new bill, anyone who visited iraq or syria in the past five years would have to be interviewed and obtain a visa. last week's attacks in san bernardino prompted the proposed change and the bill got the support of both democrats and republicans in the house. a trial date has been set
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for the multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control. university of virginia student marquise johnson is suing over his controversial arrest. you might remember this cellphone video of a.b.c. agents tackling johnson last march. johnson wants $3 million in damages for excessive force and training failures. the trial will begin in october of 2016. in just a few hours, we'll know he if your rush hour commute on i-66 will get more expensive. the vote to add rush hour tolls inside the beltway will happen at 8:30 this morning. the plan only affects rush hours and the toll would let you pay to use the lanes without a car pool. you'll still be able to use a the road for free if you car pool during rush hour. and then when rush hour is over, tolls go away and the road returns to normal. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins will be at a ribbo cuts today. the new district 7 station on
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ft. washington road, the ceremony starts at 11:00. earlier this year, we reported police would not have the money to saft the station until next fall in september. based on the story, the county made several changes and they now say it will be up and running by next month. 6:06. a scare for university of maryland students. prince george's county police now apologizing over audio tests from the county helicopter. a loud speaker announced take shelter and put your weapons down. it did include a message that said it was a test. but not everyone heard it and that prompted some to make a 911 call. county police say it was just a test. talking about what they went through. first responders in san bernardino talking about their emotions after the mass shooting. and also ahead, giving you the chance to vents your frustrations. the request one local you lawmaker is making of drivers who find themselves stuck in traffic.
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and i'm following a developing story in the pacific northwest where heavy rain is causing more problems overnight we saw at least one rescue after a mud slide. that story next from the live desk.
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the pacific northwest is getting ready for more severe flooding. there are heavy rains in washington and oregon right now where it's been raining for days now. in the town of kalama, mudslides trapped a man and deputy. today rivers are rising. one has already reached flood stage and it could overflow its banks. multiple counties have issued emergency warnings this both oregon and washington state.
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>> quite the scene out this. >> we have gray skies and clouds. >> clouds continuing to grow and thicken an fog is lowering a bit. here is a view looking northbound into southern montgomery county. you can tell by the lights there is a very low cloud deck out there and those clouds and fog will thicken a bit. visibility under a mile in places. even though it will stay cloudy, problems for travel should be easing up a smidge on that during the afternoon. so the ride in might be a little slow. no advisories yet. dense fog advisories down to our south. but visibilities reduced to less than a mile in parts of the shenandoah valley. this morning layer up a bit. temperatures in the 50s later on this afternoon. we'll be stuck in the clouds today and tomorrow. but by friday into the weekend, sunshine returns. i'll let you know what that means for your saturday and sunday in ten minutes.
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270 south approaching bucky town pike, report of a brand new accident. just after that, we're looking good. 295 north at malcolm x, right side is blocked. getting pretty slow there. the problem is on the ramp here this morning. travel times 270 from bettgerman to the beltway, no problem. 66 inbound rolling along nicely. and quantico to the beltway, 95 north also looking quite good. remember listen to our friends wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. a childhood favorite for many of us, but one school district says wondone kermit th frog book does not belong in the classroom. and also ahead, giving back to those who protect and you are seven. one d.c. mission to feed police officers during the holidays and why this year's dinner has a new meaning.
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new this morning there france, the french prime minister says officials are identified a third suicide bomber from last month's terror attacks. 130 people died most at the
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bataclan theater. the prime minister now says a third suicide bomber was at the theater and was a french citizen. he said the man traveled to syria two years ago. the other two bombers were also french. tv stations in france are reporting teams searched this third bomber's mother's home overnight. back to you. new information this morning on the san bernardino shooting suspects. the feds say the couple may have spent three years planning the deadly attack. in addition to that syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik trained at gun ranges in the l.a. area for a year. tomorrow lawmakers will sit in on a classified briefing about how and when the couple became radicalized. this morning we're hearing from the brave men and women who ran into the inland regional center when the shooting started. 300 officers in all responded to the emergency call. many of them say they just cannot believe a terrorist attack could happen in their own
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city. >> my body went numb. it was overwhelming and surreal. the fact that corporal mike had said as we're going in, this is real. immediately hit home that this is not a training drill. >> 14 people died in that shooting. funeral services for the victims begin this week. today chicago mayor rahm emanuel will address his city's efforts to deal with deadly police shootings. today's speech comes two days after the feds announced that they will launch a civil rights investigation into the police department. this all comes after video showed a white police officer shooting a black teen 16 times. the video contradicted the officer's claims and following that video's release, the mayor forced the police superintendent to resign. sentences in maryland may soon be lower for nonviolent drug offenders. a panel voted to lower the guidelines. one commission member said they're more fitting with other
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trends throughout the state. they're not mandatory, but if a judge goes outside the guidelines, there must be an explanation. first time the commission has changed sentencing guidelines since it was created if will 1999. terry mcauliffe is planning to send a lot of money on dulles airport in his next budget. he plans to give the airport $50 million over the next two years. the airport is currently in debt and the number of passengers using it has gone down over the last decade. mcauliffe said the money will be used to attract more people to that airport and that it will come from the commonwealth transportation fund. would a new crossing ease congestion on the american legion bridge? probably. if you've ever sat in traffic on that bridge, you know it's the busiest crossing p 300,000 vehicles drive over that bridge every day and governor mcauliffe says he recently ordered a attitude decide of the possibility of building a new crossing. in the past, maryland state officials haven't supported the idea of building a new bridge. but they now say that they are
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open to ideas. and take a look at this new sign in stafford county, alongside i-95. and it asks if you're stuck in traffic and you want to tell your county supervisor about it, you should. it also says you should wait until you get home and don't send a text to do that on the road. a supervisor rented the billboard in an effort to find ways to fix congestion. for nearly 20 years, a woman has fixed dinners for officers. cheryl beggibson said the first christmas without her son was really hard. she didn't know what to do, so she invited his fellow officers and cooked for them. gibson says today's feast takes on a whole new meaning following the attacks in san bernardino. >> we've gone through that here.
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so to be hal to celebrate even one day a year and say thank you to all law enforcement is worth to us. >> today hundreds of d.c. police officers will stop by the begin so that home to get a home cooked meal and also remember one of their former officers. how are you feeling about this weather? >> zero complaints. i know it's a little cloudy to start off, we might not see the sun that much, but temperature-wise, it doesn't get better than this. >> saving money each and every day on our heating bills. and wait until you see the weekend forecast. flirting with 70. yes, i said 70 degrees as we head if to the weekend. for now though, first things first. got to get you out the door and through your wednesday. alwa a little bit of thick fog out there this morning. a mile visibility in luray. but a new advisory just posted for spotsylvania county down to the south of fredericksburg, that has just been issued. it goes until 9:00 a.m.
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we'll keep you posted. temperatures now 30 degrees out the door, so layer up first thing. we'll be in the 40s by 9:00. they're 50 by noon. and the afternoon, though mostly cloudy, should get a sliver or two of sunshine between about 2:00 and 4:00. and then temperatures this evening dropping back down into the 40s. a lot of clouds around. and there may even be a sprinkle or two across southern maryland during the evening hours. future weather model by 11:00 this morning, a lot of clouds along the i-95 corridor. there is that little peak of sunshine late in the day. of course sun down by about 4:45 this afternoon. and here by 9:00 tonight, here is that little chance for sprinkles into southern maryland. tom kierein now talking about winter and the weekend. >> yeah, here at the storm team 4 x 4, reston town center, only 37 degrees here and the air is kind of humid. you can track all the latest forecasts with the storm team app and the nbc washington app. beautiful holiday lights here
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all festive and aglow. and the ice rink here, too, they're keeping it in pretty good condition for now, but as we get warmer temperatures toward the weekend, they will try to keep the ice ring open, but it is a challenge with the warmer temperatures that we will be seeing this coming weekend. and we have the storm team 4 winter weather special that is coming this weekend. it's on saturday evening at 7:30 with all the latest information on the upcoming winter weather forecast swellinas well as grea continues on how to get through the winter. and this coming weekend, certainly won't be feeling wintry. here is our forecast for saturday and sunday. well into the 60s both days. so not necessarily ice skating weather, but they will try to keep the ice rinks open, they're having a big challenge with the warm weather here in december. now starting off early this morning, a little bit of fog around. is that affecting any traffic,
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melissa? >> it could be. i these we were talking about fog in the frederick area earlier this morning. right now we do have a brand new problem coming down 270. south at 80, crash reported in the left lanes. we're starting to get quite slow headed southbound. 70 before 270, also has an accident there. 295 north bound at malcolm x, that ramp is blocked, but right now traffic we just got off the phone with d.c. police there saying it is still slow, just the ramp that is blocked. northbound indian head highway at berry road, just the right lane getting by there. so a little bit slow in that area. big look at the beltway, no major problems. typically slow top of the beltway passing georgia avenue. back in ten minutes. the federal government is now criticizing crash tests. national highway traffic safety administration says that they need to do better. the agency is adding a new kind of test for new cars called an
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angle front crash. cars will also be rated on the technology that helps them avoid crashes in the first place. all this will make it harder for vehicles to get the coveted five star rating that they all look for. in news 4 your health, a new study shows ecigarettes deliver harmful chemicals into your lungs. the flavor that makes vaping popular are made using chemicals that can damage the lungs. chemicals found in the popular flavors can cause brain damage and form a condition known as popcorn lungs. life expectancy in the u.s. has stalled for the third year straight. and addiction may be playing a role. new numbers show the average child born today will live to be 78 years old. and that number hasn't changed since 2012. experts believe that suicides and fatal drug overdoses are influencing those numbers. according to the world bank, the u.s. ranks below nearly 40 other countries in life expectancy.
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nationals new manager is weighing in about nats pitcher jonathan papelbon. our sports team talked to dusty baker about the closer's future with the team. here's what he had to say. >> how am i going for foresee a distraction in advance? i got to wait until i get there first. i don't even know papelbon. right now papelbon is my closer. >> and we all know what happened, papelbon jumped on to bryce harp they are in ter in t went for his throat. he was suspended for four games and he has filed a grievance for his lost pay. the nats owe papelbon 11 million dollars next year alone. when you think of the muppets, do you think graphic? a school board member in wisconsin does and she want as children's book featuring the characters banned. she wants the book, for every child a better world, by jim henson removed from the kindergarten curriculum.
6:26 am
she says it contains images of suffering children living in poverty and depicts violence. school and community members could make a recommendation after today's meeting. and the school board will have the pipe say on this. so her will concerns are being heard. >> at what point are we going too far? it's the muppets. kermit the frog, miss pigpiggy. >> if you look at any children's book, could you probably find something. >> remember the two guys up in the theater? >> yeah. so we'll see. definitely a talker. 6:26. giving back to the community in memory of their son. the donation one local family is making to kids in our area just in time for the holidays. not making the grade, disturbing trend new test results are revealing about students in maryland. cool start to the morning. don't worry, though, a big warm-up is on the horizon. flip-flops maybe?
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chuck shows us when.
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right now we are watching breaking news in montgomery county where a police officer was taken to the hospital overnight after being hit by a car during a chase. the incident started as a traffic stop this gaithersburg. molette green is live on the scene gathering more information about what happened. she will join us live. and we're also tracking chilly conditions outside. you can see some of the temperatures below freezing right now. but a big warm-up is on the way. that's the good news. chuck bell here with the four things you need to know in your forecast. >> i like the way you're working that map. you should be doing weather. we have a lot of clouds and a lot of fog out there. watch out for the fog first thing this morning. it may take until about lunchtime before the fog things back out again. a lot of clouts today, but no chance for rain around the metro area. the trend is our friend and it's a warming trend indeed as winter
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stays on vacation. lower visibility with with clouds and fnow. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 30s around the area right now. lots of cloud, staying dry in the metro. a sprinkle or two in southern maryland today. temperature at 35 at 7:00 this morning, 49 at 7:00 tonight for your evening plans. and only near 45 degrees tomorrow rning. an when we see you at 6:51, we're talking almost 70 degrees this weekend. >> love it. 270 south here at 80, still have the crash here reported on the left side of the roadway. we have about a five mile backup headed down. yes, typically slow here, but not quite as slow as what we're seeing this morning. 70 before 270, crash off of the roadway. 295 north at malcolm x, the ramp still blocked. seeing again some delays. northbound to indian head highway at berry road, just the
6:32 am
right lane getting by that crash. travel times in ten minutes. in the day ahead, north potomac man could be sentenced to life in prison for murdering a man who texted his girlfriend. police say he stabbed brian hall 15 times last july. surveillance video caught him carrying a bag of hall's bloody clothes after that attack. the men decided to meet after he had discovered him texting his girlfriend. >>. deputies are following several leads in the mysterious death of heather ciccone. they're digging into her personal life and have three scenarios that may explain why this all happened. her parents want justice. >> one way or the other, we'll catch them. might not be tomorrow, might not be the next day. >> she was a good girl. athletic, bubbly, did everything
6:33 am
for everybody. >> also in spotsylvania county, 19-year-old katelin akens has been missing for four days. her fiance says she was fly to go arizona to visit her new born nephew and fefr made it on the flight. her bags were found in a drainage ditch outside fredericksburg. right now we are just getting in some new information, sounds like a tragic accident at the university of miami down in florida. we have tu nhave new pictures t you. a student apparently fell four or five stories from the school of communications building. police are treating this as an accident. there is the building there. they do not believe that the student took their own life. again, police treating this as an accident. the student was taken to the hospital and later died after falling several stories from a building on campus there at the university of miami. police trying to put all the
6:34 am
pieces together. angie. 6:33. new details this morning about a man found dead in alexandria. he was found in four mile run park last week. police say his stab wounds are similar to another victim who was killed a few week earlier in a park vus abovus about a mile . no arrests in either case. in arlington, police are announcing a new effort today. they are going to use social media to keep your neighborhood safe. the arlington police department says it is partnering with the social network next door, it uses private networks to connect people in a single neighborhood. police say they will use the site as a virtual neighborhood watch. happening today, civil rights leaders and members ever the naacp will rally at the supreme court. nine justices are hearing the case of abigail fisher who says she was denied admission to the university of texas in austin because she is white. the university says she was denied because she fell outside
6:35 am
of the top 10% of her crass. the ruling could have a big impact on the college admissions process. also at the supreme court, federal authorities are urging the justices not to overturn former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's construction conviction. in a brief to the high court, lawyers argued that the evidence amp ply assumed the jump's vehicle. mcdonnell was sentenced to two years in prison. maryland highway officials are moving forward with a major construction project planned in greenbelt. and they want to hear from you about it. there is a meeting to discuss design plans for a rebuilt interchange between the capital beltway and the green belt metro station, that meeting starts at 7:00 tonight. 6:35. a really thoughtful fund raiser is helping a local boy's legacy live on. 11-year-old colby smith died in october when he crashed his dirt bike. to honor his memory, his family wanted to collect donations for
6:36 am
25 bikes for kids who didn't have one. the contribution from businesses and fundraiser by classmates brought in enough money to get 50 bikes. >> my son was a very giving child. he always was trying to give back to the community, give his toys and bikes away. so we started this foundation in order to give back to the community and continue his legacy. >> such a great effort and the first givenaway was yesterday at nokesville elementary school. the family is planning another fund raiser for bikes leading up to colby's birthday next may. not backing down after his controversial comments. donald trump's remarks about muslims are still stirring up debate. the impact many of you feel it will have on his campaign. some big slowdowns on 270 southbound. we'll talk about that and a delay on vre coming up. but first, catching up with with the grinch. who stole christmas for one family? who they believe this is behind
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welcome back at 6:40. police in maryland are getting ready for the holidays. maryland transportation authority police will be collecting unwrapped gifts from across the area as part of its toys for tots program. there are various pickup locations. the closest one is on the icc. head to the washington app for a full list of locations and pickup times. police in central florida had no problem identifying the thief who stole this package. dana hager is the wife of a city police officers and she stole from another police officer and his wife. the packages contained holiday presents for the couple's toddler. hager now faces burglary charges. is this just not real life
6:41 am
being a grinch? >> this is like a new twist to the grinch story. an officer's wife taking presents for a kid dough? >> and you do have to watch out because they drop them off right at your front step. let's take a live look outside. that fog and a chilly start, but check bell says we're in for another nice day. >> itment would one be quite a yesterday. kids enjoying their recess. your forecast, though, for today, not quite a-plus weather. we'll give recess a b today. lots of clouds around, but it will be dry. you can have out door recess. temperatures 30s on the way out the door this morning, mid to upper 50s later today. so you'll need your jacket and sweater and jeans. complete check of the "7-day forecast" which doesn't look anything like the month of december usually does in ten
6:42 am
minutes. that girl could probably lose her scar f this weekend. crash 270 south at 80. delays headed southbound approaching 80. taking a look at vre, manassas fine. fredericksburg, we have delays there because of an earlier issue. so just check ahead of time before you head out. 270 south germantown to the beltway is okay. 95 over to 270, top of the beltway is quite slow. 66, 95 virginia rolling along just fine. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. and we're following several developing stories, including breaking news in montgomery county where police officer was taken to the hospital after a traffic stop leads to a chase. we are live at the scene with what happened. also watching the situation at catholic university after two scares on campus in less than 24 hours. the precaution students are taking this morning.
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6:45. we are watching breaking news in montgomery county where a police officer is recovering after being hit by a car during a chase in gaithersburg. this all started as a traffic stop early this morning. molette green has more on what happened, but first we want to get to your weather and traffic. good morning. a lot of fog outside this morning. fog will be spotty problems around for much of the morning,
6:46 am
but may be even more of an issue tomorrow morning. we'll give you the "7-day forecast" and talk about the weekend at 6:51. still have the problem 270 south at 80 with the crash and then one south of that that just popped up at the spur another crash here in the right lane. details coming up. developing right now in montgomery county, we have a lot of new information about an early morning police chase. we know things started with a traffic stop in gaithersburg and spiralled out of control fromac police officer was hurt. knmolette green is at the scene. >> reporter: the suspect a man about 30 years old faces dui related charges. police say this was a slow chase and police tell me they are familiar with this man. they know him.
6:47 am
and he eventually stopped in a driveway right on the street where i'm standing, grant chester place, where we saw some damage to a garage. we're not far from victory farms drive. but the suspect did not stay put. the driver backed out, striking an officer with his car and that is when one of the officers on the scene here fired a round at the car, striking the vehicle. but police tell me the driver was not hit by gunfire. police say this suspect drove away even through some backyards and along major streets before ultimately crashing the car about five minutes away. it is still unclear if the suspect actually lives on the street, but the suspect, the officer injured in this mayhem that proper out shortbroke out recover from their injuries. back to you. 13 before the hour and we're keeping a close eye on the developing story in the district. classes at catholic university begin at 11:00 this morning
6:48 am
after a second campus scare. it remains unclear how many will attend classes. this facebook page popped up last night. many students are post has gone they don't feel safe enough to go to class today. investigators responded to a report of a possible gunman on campus around 8:00 p.m. last night. this was the second alert in just 24 hours. d.c. police did question a suspicious person. investigators tell us that by the way this is not the same person who prompted the first campus lockdown which happened early on tuesday. today attorneys begin their defense of baltimore police officer william porter. porter faces manslaughter charges in death of freddie gray. porter is expected to actually take the stand. prosecutors wrapped up their case yesterday by saying porter had a responsibility to put a seat belt around gray in a police van. yesterday congress passed a bill that changes a visa waiver
6:49 am
program. that program allows people from 38 countries to travel to the united states without obtaining a visa. under the new bill, anyone who visited iraq or syria in the past five years would not be allowed to use the program, they would instead have to be interviewed and obtain a visa. last week's attacks in san bernardino prompted the proposed change. the bill got support of both democrats and republicans. we've learned donald trump will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on december 28. the meeting comes as trump faces widespread criticism from his opponents and members of his own party. the republican presidential candidate is calling for a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. despite the backlash, trump is not backing away from his comments. philadelphia's mayor compared him to hitler. top security officials say trump's comments are unconstitutional and potentially dangerous for american interests abroad. mike gallagher says none of his callers disagreed with trump. his program is based this
6:50 am
greenville, south carolina but gets exposure across the country. gallagher says caller after caller agreed with donald trump's plan to not let any muslims into the u.s. so we decided to ask what you thought of trump's comments in our flash survey. we asked if the controversial proposal to ban muslims would cost him potential voters. this is what we found out. more than 50% of people responded yes. a university of virginia student's lawsuit against the state's department of alcoholic and beverage control will go to trial. you might remember this cellphone video of a.b.c. agents tackling marquise johnson last march. johnsonment with as 3 pl wants million in damages. the trial set to begin in october of 2016. and today we expect to learn more about the increasing homicide rates in the district and what is being done about it. in just a few hours, mayor
6:51 am
bowser and police chief lanier will announce how many criminals are off the streets. in just the past month, police in the district have closed a dozen homicide cases. they now want your help to sophomore cases. that announcement happens at 10:00 this morning in northeast d.c. and this morning your commute on i-66 could change with just one vote. a vote to add rush hour tolls inside the beltway will happen at 8:30 this morning. the plan only affects rush hour directions. this toll would let's you pay to use the lanes without a door pool. you will still be able to use the road for free if you car pool during rush hour. when rush hour is over, the tolls go away and the road rushes to normal. there is a lot of confusion about how that whole thing will happen. but i can tell you this, if you don't want to pay the toll, you don't have to. >> and that comes from our transportation reporter. >> that's right. some thick fog in parts of our region making it difficult for some drivers. >> warmer air coming our way for the weekend as it inches its way
6:52 am
over, fogging us up this morning. a lot of cloud and fog chances the next day and a half or so. but friday and the weekend, take gives way to an amazing amgt of sunshine and big warm-up. fog reducing visibility around this morning, there is the washington monument right there, a little harder to see than an hour or so ago. by 9:00 this morning, thicker fog across the metro area down into southern maryland. by late morning into this afternoon, fog should thin out a little bit, get a break or two of sunshine. as soon as the sun goes down, the fog thickens right back up again and by overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, fog could reduce visibility down clo close to zero. so keep in mind a lot of fog to deal with not just this morning, but tonight and tomorrow morning as well. right now it's a clelly ohilly . in the mid-40s. so layer up early. keep up the pace, you will be just fine. we should be above 50 degrees by lunch hour today.
6:53 am
a little bit of sunshine this afternoon should allow highs into the mid-50s across the region, so that's a pretty nice day. our average is 48. we'll be in plus territory today and nearly 20 degrees warmer than average as we head into the weekend. here is future weather. again, there are the clouds around for the morning hours this morning. but again, a little chance for some sprinkles today down across parts of far southern maryland, that is between about 7:00 and 11:00 this evening. "7-day forecast" is all good news starting on friday. today 57 and clouds. tomorrow cloudy and 62. 65 and sunshine on friday. almost 70 on saturday. double bonus win for the weather tent there. from applause for frowny faces. >> shady grove road at gaither road, report of an accident. we're not seeing anything on camera. we'll update on first 4 traffic.
6:54 am
270 south at 80, crash still reported there in the left lanes. and still quite slow here this morning. you can see we're getting receipt jammed up here. 270 south at the spur, crash in the right lane there as you're headed town to democracy. outer loop at braddock, have an accident. inner loop at 123, two different problems there. 275 north at malcolm x, the ramp still blocked there. and greene and yellow lines delay to the greenbelt and huntington. prince george's county police are apologizing over audio tests on the county helicopter. this scared some university of maryland students. loud speaker announced take shelter and put your weapons down. it did include a message that said it was test, but not everyone heard that part. county police say it was indeed just a test. today prince george's county leaders will open a brand new police station in ft. washington. however the new district 7 station won't be up and running until next month. that's only because of changes the county made after tracee
6:55 am
wilkins reported police wouldn't have the money to staff the station until next september. the ribbon cutting is at 11:00 this morning. good morning. many americans are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing rent. a new study from harvard show as record number of renters are spendi ining more than 30% on housing costs. those in low and middle income households are overburdened by rent which has risen more than 3% a year. home ownership rates are at 50 year lows. while improving job prospects for millennials have fuelled a rental boom. i'm landon dowdy. >> maryland's brand new test scores are in and they show need for improvement p a 4 or 5 score on the new parcc test is considered on track for college or careers.
6:56 am
across the state less than 40% of elementary and middle schoolers got that school in math. in our area, 15% of prince george's county students scored a 4 or 5 in math and a quarter of prince george's county students met or exceeded expectations on the english part of the exam. the numbers were 36% on math and 46% on english in montgomery county. there were big achievement gaps between white, plaque ablack an hispanic students. here are the four things to know. a vote to add rush hour tolls inside the beltway on i-66 will happen around 8:30 this morning. this toll would let's you pay to use the lines without a car pool. and french authorities identified a suicide bomber. they say he was a french citizen. and was one of three bombers who attacked the bataclan concert hall. classes begin at 11:00 this morning for catholic university students where police lifted a shelter in placed on. montgomery county police
6:57 am
face a dui charge after a police chase in gaithersburg. the suspect is in custody. and one officer was hurt. still slow on 270, biggest problem now will be southbound there as you're approaching democracy. crash in the right lane. look at all that red. >> i don't like that stretch of red. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. taking sides. critics and supporters of donald trump's controversial proposal to ban muslims from entering the country line up. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for. >> it's morally reprehensible. it runs counter to the constitution, and has consequences for our national security. >> who is cutting off people's heads and bombing buildings and bombing airplanes who is is it, not the christians. you got that on camera. >> and how will that dominate campaign and will it help or hurt


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